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    An Entheogen is any substance that is believed to bring about divine revelations. The origins of the word entheogen stem from the Greek word entheos, meaning divinely inspired.


    The Entheogenica podcast is a series that explores ritual, ceremony, healing, psychedelic medicines, psychedelic science, consciousness expansion, spirituality, indigenous cultures, art and music. The Entheogenica Podcast is the evolution of "Meet Me in the Mushroom" a podcast hosted on the awake.net platform. Where In the Mushroom is a podcast dedicated to all things psilocybin, Entheogenica expands beyond the mycelium and encompasses the full array of entheogenic experiences.


    The intention of this podcast is to create a space for expanding conversations on the nature of reality, the self, and community. This is a space to inspire and ignite thought, curiosity and connection. Here we welcome the taboo, the outlier and the fringe, exploring the great mystery of human experience. Weaving a web of incredible human stories.


    The Entheogenica Podcast is committed to inclusivity, decolonisation, anti-racism, gender inclusivity and freedom of expression. This podcast lives within the ethos of the right relationship with the Earth, and all her inhabitants.


  • Meet the Host

    Cathy Coyle


    Cathy is a Visionary Medicine Guide, having apprenticed in her native lineage of the Ban Draoi, she has dedicated her life to shamanistic and esoteric initiation.
    Cathy moved into the world of podcasting with the podcast Meet Me in the Mushroom, a collaboration with Awake.net. Cathy previously sat on the Board of Directors of Awake.net which is a leading voice in the Psychedelic movement & a social impact network for the entheogenic community. Cathy now acts as an advisor to awake.net and sits on the platform as a Mentor & Master.


    At the core of Cathys work lies a deep curiosity in women's mysticism and the Esoteric, she has initiated and trained under teachers on her home land of Ireland as well as with highly skilled guides from around the world including renowned Medicine Woman Shonagh Home. Cathy is the embodiment of a modern medicine woman and identifies as a Ban Draoi - Gaelic Wise Woman. Bringing a modern vibration to ancient practices she effortlessly merges science and mysticism to support a grounded approach to mysticism as a way of life that can be woven into career, expression and community.


    For more on Cathy check out her website www.cathycoyle.com.


    Produced by Reza Williams at Liminality Productions.



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