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    Mikaela Valentino, Psychedelic motherhood, wise woman, healer and visionary guide. After studying under teachers of western tantra, traditional mexica ceremony and womb healing in the ma'at tradition, Mikaela has committed herself to education and community care. We discuss psilocybin in motherhood, women's health and breastfeeding. The importance of the feminine in psychedelic mysteries today.




    Psychedelic mother, wise woman, healer and visionary guide Mikaela Valentino and I gathered under the light of a powerful full moon to converse about various topics relative to the rich culture of entheogenic practices in ancient civilizations and traditional tribal communities, as well as the necessity for this knowledge and the reclamation thereof to positively impact upon a currently severely spiritually malnourished society which has forgotten its ancestral roots and the inherent wisdom therein that is an essential requirement for our current phase of human evolution and development at this time.

    Since apprenticing with and being initiated into her indigenous ancestral lineages through teachers of western tantra, traditional Mexican ceremony and womb healing in the ma'at tradition, Mikaela has committed herself to entheogenic education and community care in San Diego, California.


    In this episode Mikaela and I discuss the role of psilocybin and other entheogens such as the peyote cactus in motherhood, women's health, and breastfeeding as well as the importance of the feminine in psychedelic mysteries today and how this forms an integral part of the decolonisation process that is currently underway on our planet as we reclaim our indigenous human birthright to entheogenic medicines which have the potential to assist us greatly with beneficially restructuring neurological pathways in the brain to explore our unlocked DNA and the potential thereof. We discuss the necessity for grounded spiritual teachings offered to us by indigenous culture with its earth based magickal traditions which can both initiate and facilitate a remembrance of our true human nature as polycultural beings deeply interconnected with the cyclical structures and processes of the natural world.


    We also explore how entheogenic medicines can be beneficial for social transformation through community building as well as to offer tools of support for troubled and traumatised youth who are struggling to cope with the emotional challenges of growing up in a world that has lost its most fundamental and primordial initiatory rites of passage to a monotheistic religious culture within which there is still so much internalised oppression, even within modern progressive movements who are still predominantly subconsciously conditioned with the programming of these indoctrinated belief systems.









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