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    Brian Stafford - Animas Valley Institute


    Brian Stafford

    This episode was truly a profound journey into the transformative power of visioning with nature, offering insights into how we can heal, grow, and find balance through deep connection with the natural world. Sitting with Brian Stafford was a delight, as his expertise and passion for guiding individuals through wilderness experiences brought a rich and meaningful dimension to our conversation.
    Brian’s background is remarkable; transitioning from an accomplished career in academic medicine to a dedicated guide for cultural awakening and transformation is truly inspiring. His ability to guide with humor, playfulness, fierceness, compassion, and discernment, while deeply remembering the fullness of human potential, is a testament to his profound understanding of the human soul and its connection to nature.

    His work with the Wild Mind Training Program at Animas Valley Institute, founded by Bill Plotkin, underscores the importance of soulcraft in our modern understanding of vision quests and nature vigils. The influence of Bill Plotkin on my own philosophy and practices made our conversation even more enriching. The teachings and methodologies developed at Animas Valley, aimed at rewilding and ensouling lives, align beautifully with my own approaches to leadership coaching and the rewilding path.

    Brian’s commitment to helping individuals dissolve their current life structures to discover and live from their deeper, soul-centered lives resonates deeply with my own work in supporting women to tap into their highest potential and embrace a life of conscious living and empowerment. His roles as a guide, teacher, writer, mentor, and expert in psychedelic preparation and integration highlight his multifaceted approach to personal and cultural transformation.

    Our discussion emphasized the profound possibilities that arise when we embrace nature as a guide and healer. The practice of visioning with nature, through wilderness rites and soulcraft, offers a pathway to reconnect with our authentic selves and the natural world. This connection fosters healing, growth, and a balanced way of living that honors both the individual and the collective.

    Overall, this episode serves as a powerful reminder of the healing and transformative potential that lies within nature and our willingness to engage deeply with it. Brian’s work and the foundational principles of Animas Valley Institute continue to inspire and guide those seeking to rewild and ensoul their lives, creating a ripple effect of cultural awakening and transformation.


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    In this episode of Entheogenica, host Cathy Coyle sits with Ebyan Zanini, artist, poet and teacher.
    This conversation is deeply meaningful for us both, and we came together with the intention to explore the potential for building awareness around the on going conflict in Palestine. The intention here is to create space for meaningful discourse around the roles we each have in this moment.

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    In this episode Cathy Coyle sits down with Acacea Lewis to explore the world of high dose mushroom journeys.

    Acacea is a researcher and lifelong student of the sacred psilocybin mushroom. As well as the Founder of The Divine Master Alchemy school for Entheogenic Cultural Literacy and Ethnobotanical Naturopathy, a student of Kylindi Lyi and an explorer of the quantum space whilst on higher doses of psilocybin mushrooms.

    This episode touches on magic, preparing for high dose journey work. Stories from Acacea's layers of initiation, as well as her diverse ethnic lineage and the wisdoms of ancestral medicine.




    Mikaela De la Myco, Psychedelic motherhood, wise woman, healer and visionary guide. After studying under teachers of western tantra, traditional mexica ceremony and womb healing in the ma'at tradition, Mikaela has committed herself to education and community care. We discuss psilocybin in motherhood, women's health and breastfeeding. The importance of the feminine in psychedelic mysteries today.

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    Interview between former Wall street Journalalist Stephanie Cohan and host Cathy Coyle.

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    Darren Le Barron

    Darren Springer is a mycologist, educator, researcher and event organizer based in the UK. With a passion for exploring the African roots of Sacred Mushroom use. This interview explores Darrens Afro-carribean heritage, his mentor Kilindi Lyi, self exploration with psilocybin and much more.





    Meet me in The Mushroom

    Anne Dutton

    Interview with Anne Dutton Anne Dutton is a mindfulness and meditation instructor, psychotherapist, somatic therapist, clinician for on-going research trials at Yale, and Buddhist scholar. We discuss the role of meditation and yoga in the psychedelic experience and integration. Annes involvement with the on going Psilocybin research at Yale University.



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    Julian Vayne

    Julian Vayne, is a renowned Occultist. With expertise spanning from Druidry to Chaos Magick, from indigenous American shamanism through to Freemasonry and Wicca. A regular speaker at conferences on the subject of contemporary occultism and magic, Julian is a also a museum educator. We chat Tantra, Animal guides and Julians book "Getting Higher"- The manual of psychedelic ceremony.



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    Shonagh Home

    Shonagh is a visionary medicine woman, shamanic therapist, author and poet. Shonagh is an instrumental figure in the psychedelic community, a voice and inspiration for women on the path of visionary medicine work. We explore the role of nature as a portal for healing and self discovery, the remembrance of the wise woman traditions and how we can assist people to move through the current state of global disillusionment through re-igniting this path.